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I can set up or devolop phpBB forum for you, solve phpBB related problems. I have been involved with phpBB for four years; I have enough experience to provide this service. My biggest reference is this board and my customers comments.

My goal is to provide you with the best possible service. Everyone's wishes are different. We can agree on everything. Send me your request with your offer by private message. But for the sake of listing here, I offer 3 packages related to phpBB installation. It is possible to add, subtract and create special offers for each one.

Package one:
For those who want to make a good start
  • Complete and error-free phpBB installation after making all preparations on the server/hosting side such as SSL, e-mail.
  • Editing phpBB ACP settings to make it work the way you want it to work
  • Installing the phpBB style/theme you want
  • Installing and setting up all necessary extensions.
Working time is 1 day.
Price: $65

Package two:
For those who want a better start and mobile optimization
  • Everything at package one is included.
  • Modern post layout and advanced handling (like here).
  • Add "forums" and "recent topic" tabs on the index page.
  • Mid-level style/theme customizations.
  • Mobile Upgrade addition.
Working time is 3 days.
Price: $180

Package three:
For those who are aware of starting their own web platform
  • Everything at package one and package three is included.
  • High-level style customization is performed;
    Exclusive style development/customization for you.
  • Custom design login/registration and profile page.
  • And much more. Tell me about your dreams and I'll tell you it's possible.
Working time is 14 days.
Price: $800
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Re: I Can Professionally Install or Develop Your Dream phpBB Forum

A Shout-Out to Halil Esen: Exceptional Web Programmer!
Dear Readers,

I recently had the pleasure of working with Halil Esen, a brilliant web programmer. Although our collaboration was brief, it left a lasting impression. Here’s why:

Performance and Speed: Halil’s work is lightning-fast. He tackled my project efficiently, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.
Professionalism: Halil’s professionalism is top-notch. He communicates effectively, meets deadlines, and maintains a positive attitude throughout.
Independent Problem Solving: When faced with challenges, Halil thinks outside the box. His innovative solutions elevate any project.

But that’s not all! Halil has also developed an ingenious mobile app extension for websites and forums. This extension seamlessly transforms the user experience, making websites feel like native apps on smartphones. It’s a game-changer!

I wholeheartedly recommend Halil Esen for web programming tasks and mobile app development. If you’re seeking a skilled professional who delivers results and creates innovative solutions, look no further.
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Re: I Can Professionally Install or Develop Your Dream phpBB Forum

If you are looking for someone to handle your installation or development of phpBB, this is the guy to hire.

I have a forum that hadn't been updated since phpBB rewrote all their code, and the new code wasn't compatible with old themes. Since I had a highly customized theme, I opted out of upgrading. Now, years later, it was finally time to tackle getting everything updated. I found a guy who was a phpBB expert and I hired him to update the program and rebuild the database to make it work. He got the software to the current version, but he chose a really ugly theme for it and didn't have the knowledge or experience to make it look like my forum did previously. My users hated it and I was stuck. I was searching for someone to recreate the theme I had and happened across Halil.

He took control of the process and worked quickly to modify all the parts of the code that needed to be changed. I especially liked that not only did he know what he was doing, I didn't have to micro-manage the project. He took the lead and fixed issues that popped up along the way. This is what my site looks like now:

There is also a web app for users to easily connect with their smartphone, which he developed. I had that added (just $24) and it has been well received.
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