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If you want to add a copyright text in footer of your phpBB forum to highlight your own brand like many other websites, you can be sure that this topic will give you the support you need.

First, we will edit your style file to add a professional copyright text to footer. Then, as an alternative, I will give a self-created extension that does this automatically.

Open the /template/overall_footer.html file of the style you are using. Almost everything related to the footer is done in this file. Find the line below.

Code: Select all

<!-- EVENT overall_footer_copyright_append -->
Add to previous line:

Code: Select all

<p class="footer-row">© {{ 'now'|date('Y') }} <b>{SITENAME}</b> &middot; All rights reserved</p>
Save the changes. I would like to explain some expressions here.

© Copyright symbol,
{{ 'now'|date('Y') }} Twig showing the current year,
{SITENAME} gives the name of your phpBB board,
All rights reserved a legal term related to copyright.

Eventually your copyright text in footer will look like this:

© 2024 phpBB Group · All rights reserved

Well, if you don't want to edit the style files and it bores you to maintain it every update, I've created an extension for you that will add your copyright text to footer.
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Upload the extension to /ext folder in the phpBB root and extract it. Then enable it from Customize in ACP. That's it, the almost professional copyright text we made with the code above will be available bellow your phpBB forum.

I have presented the code for the copyright text in the cleanest way possible, but of course you can customize it to your liking. What do you think, do you use or will you use copyright text on your phpBB board? How else do you think a copyright text can be thought of?
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