Facebook Groups or phpBB Forums?

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Why set up a phpBB forum instead of a Facebook group for your existing group, community or club, or to create a new community? Why do a bit more clicks with phpBB when you can set up a Facebook, X or WhatsApp community with almost one click? If you have already been in this dilemma, you can probably guess the answers. In this topic, let's talk about what needs to be discussed by comparing Facebook group and phpBB board.

Disadvantages of Facebook groups and advantages of phpBB boards

* If people do not have a Facebook account, they may not want to sign up for Facebook just to join your group. In phpBB, they will register directly to your phpBB board.

* In your Facebook group, the Facebook brand is always front and center and your own brand exposure is limited. In your phpBB forum, the only brand is yours.

* Even though you can supposedly set your own rules in your Facebook group, you cannot ignore Facebook's rules. In other words, when your morals are in conflict with Facebook's, Facebook's are superior. On the phpBB board, on the other hand, everything belongs to you. You can make and enforce whatever rules you want. However, make sure that they do not contradict the laws of your country and international treaties.

* Earning money. It's all about active members and traffic; no difference. But I have to ask. Is it more valuable to have 1 million followers in a group you created on the Facebook platform, or is it more valuable to have 1 million members on your own platform that you built with phpBB?

* Facebook stores sensitive user data, analyzes it and uses it for monetization. phpBB software does not create this type of data by default.

Advantages of Facebook groups and disadvantages of phpBB boards

* Facebook groups run on Facebook's server infrastructure. Therefore, no additional costs are required. phpBB forums require a domain name and hosting.

* With the number of users Facebook has, users can easily join your Facebook group with a single click, so you can get more participants. However, your phpBB forum is the equivalent of Facebook, not FB groups.

Okay okey, we get it, phpBB is better! So why all the fuss? What brought you to these lines? Why are you still not satisfied? Design. Isn't it? The desire for themes that make you look professional, that present things in the simplest way and that are familiar from modern applications. Maybe phpBB's default style is not what you want. But I built this website to show you what phpBB can do. Stay tuned.
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