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@halilesen · 21 Apr 2024 · 183 views
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Do you want the Remember Me option to be selected by default on the login page of your phpBB forum? I'll show you how. I will present two different ways to do this.

Let's start with the first method I use. This requires editing the template file. Open the /template/login_body.html file of your style and find:

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<label for="autologin"><input type="checkbox" name="autologin" id="autologin" tabindex="4" />
Replace it with this:

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<input type="checkbox" name="autologin" id="autologin" tabindex="4" checked="checked" />
Save the changes. Here we added checked="checked" to input and made remember me selected by default.

Second way is to install an extension. Download the extension developed by _Vinny_ on, which adds JS code to the style to make Remember Me selected:
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Upload the file to the /ext folder and extract it. Then just enable it from ACP.
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