Posts per page and its impact on SEO

@halilesen · 07 Apr 2024 · 363 views
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I've been thinking for a few days about how the number of posts per page affects SEO. As you know, Google indexes page by page. phpBB default is 10 posts per page in topics. I generally consider this number insufficient and increase it to 25. I think 20 or 25 is ideal. But what is the difference between having 10 or 25 posts on a page in terms of SEO? Is there such a difference?

You can change the posts per page value in the ACP>(menu Board configuration or menu Messages in tab Posting)>Post settings page.

I think 20 or 25 would be better than 10. Because SEO is generally not considered in the first posts in forums. The topic will grow stronger as other users write more in subsequent posts.

This idea seems logical to me, but I'm still not entirely sure. What do you think?
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